Term One, 2019 - Fee Structure

Learn to Swim

1 Lesson/Week - $187.00 ($18.70/Lesson)

2 Lessons/Week - $327.80 ($16.39/Lesson)

Adult Squad

Casual Session - $17.00

Unlimited Sessions (10 weeks) - $275.00

20 Sessions (10 weeks) - $220.00

10 Sessions (10 weeks) - $143.00


Option One - Casual Fee

$22.00 per session

Option Two - 10 Session Pass (Casual)

10 Session Pass (Must be used within 10 weeks, Starts from 1st session) - $187.00 ($18.70 / Session)

Option Three - Term Payments (Unlimited Sessions)

Development Squad - $280.50

Junior Squad - $302.50

Senior & Intermediate Squad - $330.00

Payment Policy

This payment policy is in effect for All Star Aquatic members from the beginning of Term 1, 2017 to an indefinite date. Please ensure you undersatnd and accept the following terms and conditions and question anything you do not understand. It is your responsibility to ensure correct payments are made and All Star Aquatics will not be held accountable for the misinterpretation of any conditions.

  1. All swimmers associated with All Star Aquatics are responsible for the payment of their fees. Please ensure you are paying for the correct squad level of your child and if you are unsure of your level, please ask your coach. All swimming levels will be assessed during the first 3 weeks of LTS and Squad training. It is also highly important you pay by the due date- otherwise you will incur a late fee.
  2. Payments can be made through one of the following methods; via cash at the pool in the fees box (please write name and amount deposited), via cheque at the pool in the fees box or via EFTPOS (details posted on invoice).
  3. All invoices for the term will be sent out via email by the enf of Week Three. Please ensure ensure your current and most accessible email address is on file.
  4. Full term payments (learn-to-swim and squad) will have until the end of Week Seven to pat their fees (30 days).
  5. If you obtain a Casual Pass (squad) you will have 15 days to pay.
  6. Learn to Swim payments will be made within 15 days.
  7. If you have a late payment, please note you will be incurred a $10 fee for any overdue fees
  8. If there are any fees not paid before the end of the Term, you will incur a late fee of $20.
  9. Full term fees will be charged regardless of the start date, unless, start date is after Week Five (2nd half of the term), in which case a half-term payment will be invoiced.
  10. Learn-to-Swim
    1. 1 lesson/week are entitled up to 10 lessons within the Term. If not started in Week One, it will be up to you to book in for makeup lessons.
    2. 2 lessons/week are entitled up to 20 lessons within the Term. Same applies as above.
    3. Please be aware that if appropriate notice is not given for cancelling a lesson, you will not be able to make up the lesson. There must be at least Five Hours notice given to All Star Aquatics if a lesson will be missed.
  11. Squad
    1. If you miss weeks due to injury, illness, etc. invoices will not be reduced or refunded. However, we will work out some time to make up over the school holiday sqauds and camps.
  12. If you have 3 children swimming with All Star Aquatics you will receive our Third Child Discount of 10% on your third child's invoice.
  13. A Fourth Swimmer in the family will receive a discount of 20%