Our Learn to Swim Program

Our Learn to Swim is a stroke focused swim program which we strive to teach kids the foundations of each competitive swimming stroke. Throughout out 4 levels of Learn to Swim, your kids will be tought the foundations of each swimming stroke to then be refined and excelled Throughout our squad program. We teach kids each individual stroke using a relaxed and fun environemnt so that they want to come back, and learn more each week.

Lesson Descriptions

The following page outlines the skills and abilities necessary for each of the different swimming levels we have. They also provide recommendations on how to be assessed for the next level. All assessments at All Star Aquatics are taken to ensure your child is swimming with those of similar ability and we assure that each swimmer will continually be monitored for any further assessments or advice. We are 100% focused on improving each individual at All Star Aquatics and with the understanding you only want the best for your child, we also appreciate your trust in our decisions and suggestions.

Please note that all levels are chosen on not only the child’s ability as a swimmer but also the capability of following instructions as part of a group. Age has little to no bearing.

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In the Kickers level of our Learn to Swim program, we try to focus on building a solid foundation for our higher levels of learn to swim. We will teach your child basic swimming skills such as proper entries and exits from the pool, basic breathing techniques, and a proper body position while they are on their front or back.

This is our lowest level of learn-to-swim, designed for children of 3 years or older. They will learn the basics of swimming while also in a safe and fun environemnt.

Key Focus
  • Kicking
  • Bubbles
  • Floating on back
  • Body position (for backstroke and freestyle)

In the Paddlers level of our Learn to Swim program, we work on building on the foundations from the Kickers Learn to Swim level. In this level, we introduce lateral breathing techniques, and the basics of freestyle and backstroke arms. We will also keep working on improving the basics learnt from the Kickers level.

Key Focus
  • Body position (for backstroke and freestyle)
  • Lateral breathing
  • Freestyle and Backstroke amrs
  • Kick correction
  • Feet-first entry (from a height)

In the Breathers level of our Learn to Swim program, we work on improving the freestyle and backstroke technique while also introducing swimmers to breatstroke kick. In this level, there are not a lot of new techniques being introduced other than the breaststroke kick, however, the main focus is stroke correction

Key Focus
  • Stroke correction for freestyle and backstroke
  • Body Position
  • Breaststroke Kick
  • Head-first diving

Our advanced level of Learn to Swim introduces the breaststroke arms and refines the technique of all other strokes. Butterfly kick is also introduced so kids are ready when they enter squads. This level focuses on preparing kids for our Development squad. We equip the kids and make sure they have all the essentials before moving them up to our first level of squads.

Key Focus
  • Backstroke Correction
  • Freestyle Correction
  • Breaststroke (Arms and kick)
  • Diving (Two-feet, and Track-start)